Walktrough Metal Detector With Fever Detection - HIT WT 18F

Walktrough Metal Detector With Fever Detection - HIT WT 18F



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The 2019 - 20 COVID 19 outbreak ia an ongoing public health emergency of international concern involving corona virus disease. In this background, Hit Corporation devoted to help social institution operating regularly.

HIT WT 18F ia a Walk Through Metal Detector with fever detection. Passenger puts his brow or wrist 150 mm away from temperature sensor. If the temperature detected ia over 37.3°C.

HIT WT 18F will alarm to notice guards. This product can greatly boots the public hygiene security.



Power supply: AC100 V-240V

Working temperature: -20°C ~ +50°C

Working frequency: 4KHz--BKHz

Standard external size: 2210mm(H) x 835mm(H) x 578mm (D)

Standard internal size: 1990mm(H) x 700mm(W) x 578mm(D)

Package Dimensions: 2310mm(H) x 3500mm(W) x 655mm (D)

Gross weight: 65kg

Temperature sensor type: IR temperature sensor

Temperature measurement time: Temperature measurement point: Brow or wrist

Best temperature measurement distance: 150mm

Height of temperature sensor: 1500mm (customizable)

Tolerance of temperature measurement: ±0.5°C

Measuring range: 30°C - 45°C

Interval between two temperature measurement: 2s